Getting Raw with Tony Robbins

Updated: Apr 28

Tony Robbins and Cami Gueguen CAMIO PR

Tony tells me, “Cami, what if you lived in your ‘beautiful state’ only? You can stay there! Plus, you light up talking about your business. You’re so beautiful, radiant and full of confidence. No more suffering thoughts!” Never thought I’d be backstage with Tony Robbins getting a 1-1 coaching moment. Or the prequel to this…

In a packed Toyota Center - Houston, in front of thousands of people, I didn't plan to say out loud what I wrote down was a limiting thought in my head. It certainly had nothing to do with my business or money - at the “success conference”.

Prompted for an exercise, I wrote down the most raw thought I had without hesitation. It’s a Tony Robbins event after all. I finish fast and look up. Oops, I lock eyes with Tony himself, standing right in front of me, who in all 6 feet 7 inches goes, "Cami what’d you write?" I’m sitting in the front row of course.

I can’t lie, and the giant can see my paper... (also my heart is literally pounding out of my chest) “I thought I’d be married by now...,” I said with a smile as cameras swarmed my face, and I’m suddenly streaming on the big screens in my peripheral view, and a microphone is placed into my hand. (Oh perfect, I realize I’m probably also being filmed for part of his next Netflix special.🤦🏼‍♀️)

“She thought she’d be married by now... “ he says with a smile and laugh pacing in front of me. “Let me guess, you own a business?” 
 -Yes. -I said. “How does that make you feel?”

-Blessed beyond belief, So grateful. Happy!
 - I said “But when you think about not being married..?” 
-Just less in control…, helpless, because I just thought I would be by now.. - I said. “Cami! Your whole demeanor just changed. Guys wasn’t Cami a lot more attractive a second ago talking about her business? But because you created an expectation that doesn’t match reality.. YOU are causing unnecessary suffering in your life.

I am in the front row facing Tony, half of the arena is in use for this event. He says, “Let me see a show of hands... who here wishes they had “more by now” like Cami in love, career, had a business like she does, or thought they would have had more of whatever by now... let’s see hands. Cami turnaround.” The entire arena was filled with hands in the air.

Tony continued, “Cami you’re not alone and we are all doing this! If we would turn these expectations we make - into appreciation and gratitude for what we do have our whole world will change.”

There are countless things I could list that I am thankful for before that which is seemingly “missing”. Like I GET to work everyday building my dream, to grind day in and day out, to set my schedule, to workout whenever I want, to be there for my friends and family because I can, on and on. I also know that I value more than just “business success” and thinking about meaningful love at the business conference is just a comical example that proves it. I want it all, but I am thankful for the “here & now” too. In typical Tony fashion, I had a breakthrough moment.

I realized a few months into this business that the more raw and transparent I was - the more successful we became. I actually walked this entrepreneur journey (still am) and often it has been funny at my expense - so this is just another one of those camio diaries moments. It is what we do at CAMIO PR anyways – help people be their best self and have the life they want, sometimes in business and career. This is real life y’all.

Now I've met Tony Robbins, the #1 life and business strategist in the world, who paved the way for others like me living the same mission - and meeting him wasn’t an accident. I AM blessed beyond belief. #PersonalBranding and #MassiveAction propel me further each day towards things I want to have and do and be in life.

"If I have seen further… it is by standing on the shoulders of giants...."

Tony Robbins Success Resources National Achievers Congress

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