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Marketing Automation helps drive more leads, convert leads to sales, and demonstrate Marketing ROI, 

Automated Email Marketing 

Triggers personalized emails based on the leads' actions and interests. 



Campaign Tracking 

View end-to-end conversion cost vs. revenue to measure true ROI. 



Lead Scoring 

Identify hot prospects and reach out to sales-ready leads. 



Buyer Personas 

Build personas to segment your leads and deliver ultra personalized content. 



Dynamic Landing Pages & Forms

Drive traffic to targeted pages, and capture more leads with auto-complete forms. 



Social Media Management

Manage and monitor social media and turn interactions into sales with automation. 



Gmail/Email Syncing

Track all email contacts for Gmail and IMAP accounts to continue engaging leads

Dynamic Lists/Segmentation 

Create lists which automatically update as contacts meet certain criteria.



Visitor ID/Behavior Tracking 

Identify anonymous website visitors. Track each click to see what motivates leads.



Sales Notifications

Email or text the sales team when leads are ready to buy.



Visual Workflow Builder 

Visualize the buyer journey, and build automations to move leads down the funnel.



Dynamic Emails

Create striking emails with personalized images and content that convert.



Blogging with RSS Email Integration

Attract search engines with valuable content. Manage and publish posts with ease. 



Media Center

Manage, send and track all marketing and sale assets in one convenient hub. 

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